Rusheed Construction company (Reg:1971)

Projects 1971 to 2017
Chabahar-Iranshahr main road

Lot  9, Chabahar—Nikshahr—Iranshahr main road and Bazman Three-way Interchange—Sistan and Baluchestan Province

Client: Ministry of Road and Transportation—Deputy of Construction and Development of Road Network

The project is located in a desert area in Sistan and Baluchestan Province in Iranshahr County with desert hot and dry weather. Sand dunes and water shortage in the area as well as exhausting heat in the summer create difficult conditions for implementation of the above project.

The implementation of the largest city interchange in the three-way Bazman is considered a work carried out in this area.

The length of the project in the main route of Iranshahr-Chabahar is equal to 41 km, the length of ramps and loops implemented in the three-way Bazman is about 10 km, in that the initial three-kilometer implementation of Khash-Iranshahr belt was planned in this road.

Major bridges:                                                                            

Concrete monuments in this project is about 93 facilities whose special bridges are as follows:

High bridge of Bampur River with eleven 16-meter spans (11*16) by drilling and pilling to a depth of 25 meters and an efficient height of bridge about 9.5 square meters, consisting of beam and slab.

Multi-span bridges consisting of 8*6 meter, 7*6 and 5*6 meter bridges.

4*10 meter and 4*12 meter and 4*14 meter and 1*21 meter bridges are another major bridges in this set of enterprise.

This project was started in 2002 and completed in 2011.

Project sizes:

Length of main road

41 km

Length of interchange

10 km

Length of Iranshahr belt

3 km

Width of the way

11 m


3،250،000  m3

Sand harvest

1،500،000  m3


2،800،000  m3

Pouring concrete

100،000   m3

2*15 cm sub base

210،000  m3

1*15 cm base

115،000  m3

2*6 cm asphalt binder

140،300  ton

1*4 cm topca asphalt

55،000  ton

Metal (armature and guardrail) works

2،800  ton

Number of type bridges

70  facilities