Rusheed Construction company (Reg:1971)

Projects 1971 to 2017
Lot 4 Miane-BostanabadTabriz Railway

Lot  4 Miane - Bostanabad - Tabriz Railway - East        Azerbaijan Province
Ministry of Road and Transportation - Deputy of Construction and Development of National Transportation
lot 4, two-line railway Miane-Bostanabad - Torkmanchay - Tabriz, begins from the outskirt of Torkmanchay Village in East Azerbaijan Province and extends as far as Tabriz for 20 Km. The project is situated at a mountainous , impassable region with cold and dry weather.
In this project, over 70 concrete bridge facilities and two metal bridge facilities with 52 and 54 meter spans and 450-meter           concrete siphon were constructed.
The project was started in 2001 and ended in 2008.



طول محور

11 متر

عرض محور

4،100،000 متر مکعب

حجم خاکبرداری

1،800،000 متر مکعب

حجم خاکریزی

83،000 متر مکعب

حجم بتن ریزی

1.4 کیلومتر

دیوار سازی بتنی

70 دستگاه

تعداد پلهای تیپ