Rusheed Construction company (Reg:1971)

Projects 1971 to 2017
Lot 9 Qazvin-Zanjan freeway

Lot 9 Qazvin—Zanjan Freeway—Zanjan Province

Client: Ministry of Road and Transportation—Qazvin National Freeway Company—Zanjan

The construction project of piece 9, Qazvin-Zanjan Freeway, begins from around the intersection of Gilvan Road and the foregoing freeway and extends as far as the beginning of Zanjan City. The piece is linked to Tehran-Zanjan transit road due to the construction of an interchange. The total length of ramps and loops constructed is 3300 meters.

In this project, Zanjan-Qazvin Road Police Station and toll stations were also constructed.

The final width of the asphalt is 33 meters. The project was started in 1990 and presented to the client in 1996.


Major bridges:

1- Gilvan Underpass with 18-meter span

2- Lead and Zinc Company Underpass with 12-meter span

3- Sayan Three-way Interchange Bridge in the sizes (12+27+12) meters

4- Railway Underpass with two 7-meter span (2*7)

5- Zanjanrod River Bridge with three 10-meter span (3*10)


Project sizes: 


Length of road

17 Km

Length of interchange

3.3 Km

Width of main road

33  m

Collective excavation

3،000،000   m3


2،200،000   m3

Pouring concrete

83،000  m3

2*15 cm sub base

195،000  m3

15 cm base

105،000   m3

8+6 cm asphalt binder

182،000    ton

5 cm topca asphalt

83،000   ton

Metal (rebar and guardrail) works

3،400   ton

Number of type bridge

45   facilities