Rusheed Construction company (Reg:1971)

Rusheed Construction Company was founded in 1971 in Tehran. The company specializes in all activities associated with road construction , building , facility, tunnel, concrete , metal   monuments and all construction projects.
During the years of activities, it took a step on the path of various project construction by performing various projects in the field of highway, road, railway construction, choosing proper executive methods, as well as using domestic expert workforce , advanced machineries, equipment, has endeavored to tap into its experiences with entrepreneurship and project      completion in the shortest time with high quality.
Ranked first in the field of road , transportation , a member of building, road construction associations , honored with a citation for excellence in performing activities, the company has been known to be competent and committed in the construction arena.
Relying on its domestic experts’ knowledge , power and industrious workers’ efforts, the  company has devoted to project implementation in the shortest time with decent quality, in that it is always considered one of the most successful companies active in the field of construction and road construction in Iran.